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Name of Complaintant/客户姓名:(最终用户)

Telephone No/电话号码:
Fax No/传真号码:            
Company name & Address (最终用户)
NComplaint Record/抱怨记录:(抱怨接收的时间)
Date/日期: Time/时间:
Complaint Received Via/抱怨接收方式
Letter/信件 Fax/传真 Telephone/电话
Complaint Received by/抱怨接收单位名称:(成套商或机组组装厂)  
Name/联系人姓名: Telephone No/电话号码:
Nature of Complaint/抱怨内容 (故障现象描述)
Details from Complaintant/从客户处得来的详细资料
Engine Model/发动机机型:
Radiator Model/水箱型号:      
Engine Serial No/发动机序列号: (8位数字编码)
Radiator Serial No/水箱流水号:
Date in Service/保修起始日:
Action Taken Commitments Made/已采取的行动(已检查或排除的部分)
Upload Img/上传图片:

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